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About the Chandra X-ray Center, MIT Group

The CXC Group at MIT is dedicated to the support of transmission grating spectroscopy with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory through an active research program, instrument calibration, software development, and observer support.

(For the primary CXC web site, go to cxc.harvard.edu .)

Software Software developed by the MIT CXC available for public download.
Calibration HETGS Calibration Information
Observer HETGS Observer Information
Analysis Information about pipeline processing, the CXC Data Analysis Sytem, Grating related analysis issues, and general scientific analysis algorithms.
Spectroscopy Information about high resolution spectroscopy, atomic data quality, and current spectral codes.
Science Gallery Images and analysis results from calibration analysis and science simulations.
Documentation Memos and other documentation.
Links Links to other CXC and related pages.
Local Access Software and resources available to MIT CXC personnel.
Staff MIT personnel working on HETG science.

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