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ISIS, the Interactive Spectral Interpretation System, is designed to facilitate the interpretation and analysis of high resolution X-ray spectra. It is being developed as a programmable, interactive tool for studying the physics of X-ray spectrum formation, supporting measurement and identification of spectral features, and interaction with a database of atomic structure parameters and plasma emission models.

One of the most powerful features of ISIS is its programmability. By writing S-Lang scripts that use ISIS functions, you can

  • Automate repetitive data analysis tasks.
  • Take full advantage of your multi-core workstation with built-in support for parallel processing
  • Do array calculations directly in memory, without generating intermediate FITS files.
  • Directly read and write custom FITS binary tables.
  • Easily generate custom plots using an interpreted interface to the PGPLOT subroutine library.
  • Control standard command-line software such as FTOOLS and Ciao
  • Fit user-defined models coded in S-Lang, C, C++ or Fortran
  • Incorporate external C, C++, or Fortran codes into your ISIS analysis, either by hand or automatically with the SLIRP vectorizing code generator.
  • With the PVM module, distribute computationally expensive tasks across a network of workstations (for example, confidence limits and model evaluation)
See the features page for more information.

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