HETGS Spectrum

The Chandra X-ray Center is a collaborative effort between the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, MIT, and TRW. The MIT/CXC group works closely with the MIT HETG and ACIS instrument teams.

The MIT/CXC team is primarily responsible for:

  • Scientific Research

    Maintaining an active research program, both with Chandra and other observatories, or in theoretical investigations.

  • Spectroscopic Expertise

    Development and maintenance of resources necessary for scientific interpretation of Chandra transmission grating spectra.

  • Analysis Software

    Emphasis is on the spectroscopic content in support of grating observations.

  • Calibration

    Measurement and analyses necessary to determine and describe the in-flight performance of the HETG and its primary read-out detector (ACIS-S).

  • Expert Support

    Provide technical support for HETG, LETG, or ACIS.

  • Mission Planning

    Support mission planning as it pertains to HETG observations.

  • HETGS Observation Planning

    Support Guest Observers in planning HETG observations.

  • ACIS Operation

    Provide support for ACIS uplink and flight software.