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CXC CTI corrector spec version 4.8 (02 May 2003)

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Quick look analysis of flight squeegee tests (09/07/00)

ACIS Memo #165 ACIS Diagnostic Test OBSID List

Recent ACIS memos (Postscript files):

PS 207 (01/30/07) CEG
Consequences of a future unprotected radiation belt transit by ACIS
PS 206 (05/24/04) MWB
Reverse annealing and ACIS CTI increase during bakeout
PS 205 (05/20/04) CEG
Reproducibility of soft-proton damage in laboratory irradiations of ACIS CCDs
PS 204 (06/13/03) CEG
Dependence of ACIS performance on small temperature changes
PS 203a (09/27/02) MWB
Preliminary results from a cold CCD irradiation experiment
PS 203 (07/12/02) MWB
Goals and preliminary plan for a cold CCD irradiation experiment
PS 202 (06/14/02) BL
Comparison of Timed Exposure and Continuous Clock Mode Lab Data
PS 201 (05/31/02) BL
Comparison of BI simulator to s3 HIREFS Data at -120C
PS 200 (04/19/02) CEG
Preliminary Sacrificial Charge Correction
PS 199P (updated 11/19/02) BL
Charge Injection Test on ACIS
PS 198 (04/03/02) CEG
Estimating the long time constant
PS 197 (03/20/02) CEG
Flight experience with bakeouts
PS 196 (01/15/02) BL
Stability of Averages of ACIS Bias Files DRAFT
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