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MATs (Monday Afternoon Talks), 04/24/2023 – Speakers: Xiurui Zhao (CfA) & Sebastian von Hausegger (Oxford)

…recent progress on different aspects of AGN, including the properties of the AGN dusty tori, X-ray emitting corona and AGN demographics.   3:30pm – Sebastian von Hausegger The cosmic

MIT Astrophysics Colloquium 3/15/2022 — Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters (speaker: Anja von der Linden, Stony Brook University)

Abstract: The observed number of galaxy clusters provides a sensitive probe of the structure of the Universe by measuring the evolution of the halo mass function. However, already current cluster…

Sack Lunch Seminar – Wilken-Jon von Appen (MIT/WHOI)

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are given in Room 54-915….

BBL 4/5/2021 — Speakers: Yubo Su (Cornell University) and Ayşegül Tümer (University of Utah)

…inner BH binary to extreme eccentricities via the von Zeipel-Lidov-Kozai (ZLK) effect. These eccentricity cycles enable the inner binary to merge efficiently via emission of gravitational waves during periods of…

The universe in a cube

…at the Leibniz Computing Centre in Germany. Support for the research came from the German Research Foundation, the European Research Council, NASA, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany….