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BBL 9/21/2020 — 3 Talks! Sidney Lower (University of Florida), Kaze Wong (Johns Hopkins University), and Kameswara Mantha (University of Missouri – Kansas City)

…we must compare them to the data at numerous sample points in the physical parameter space. This comparison requires a large number of simulations, and it is often computationally impractical….

Daylan Tansu

…Ph.D., Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US, 2018 Exoplanets, Cosmology High Energy Astrophysics, Particle Astrophysics, High Performance Computing 10849 primary 617-902-8724 primary tdaylan@MIT.EDU Personal Website Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow office…

Mehrle Nicholas

…atmospheric properties. 9877 Personal Website| BS Physics – Johns Hopkins University 2016; MA Physics and Astronomy – Johns Hopkins University 2016 Cosmology, Exoplanets 10632 primary Personal Website

World War II in Poland and the Pacific Theater

…at MIT. “A lean, engaging account” [Kirkus Review]. See Wilber’s War: An American Family’s Journey through World War II (a trilogy) by Hale Bradt A father’s Odyssey; a…

Partial Solar Eclipse–local viewing times and top ten tips for observing

…To watch the Aug. 21 NASA TV eclipse broadcast online and access interactive web content and views of the eclipse from these assets, visit: MIT Alumni Association Infinite

NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

…href=”″> For more information about NASA’s Launch Services Program, visit: For additional information about TESS: For additional information about the launch vehicle: 13763 2014-12-16…

Vitale Salvatore

…et Marie Curie University (Paris, France), 2010 Cosmology, Strong Gravity & Gravitational Radiation Gravitational Wave Detection, High Performance Computing, Pencil & Paper 4233 primary 617-253-0203 primary office…

Astronomers Hack IAP

…session ( Some examples of hacks: Where: Marlar Lounge (37-252); Building 37 is located at 70 Vassar Street. Cap: 40 people 2016-01-14 11:00…