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LIGO and Virgo detect neutron star smash-ups

…(INFN) in Italy, and Nikhef in the Netherlands. A list of the Virgo Collaboration members can be found at More information is available on the Virgo website at

Astrophysics Brown Bag Lunch Talk 12/12/2022: Speakers: Daniel Gilman (University of Toronto) and Tabassum Tanvir (Australian National University)

In Person in Marlar and/or Virtual Brown Bag Lunch Monday December 5, 2022 at 12:00 Link Below Join BBL Zoom Meeting Presentation in Marlar 37-252/37-272 for

A strong limit on the contribution of LIGO-mass primordial black holes to the cosmological dark matter density from the micro-lensing of quadruply lensed quasars (GRITTS 4/17/2019)

…might be A Quadruply Lensed SN Ia: Gaining a Time-Delay…Losing a Standard Candle Authors: Daniel A. Yahalomi, Paul L. Schechter, Joachim Wambsganss If you include the effects of micro-lensing…