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…with a focus on enabling 21cm cosmology, is located at MKI. The MWA is currently being commissioned, and early operations will commence in July 2013. See for more information….

Voyager 1 in the Interstellar Medium!

…Washington, DC at 2PM EDT. For additional information, please visit NASA TV, the NASA news website, and also NASA JPL Live. NYTimes online *Science 1241681Published online 12 September 2013 [DOI:10.1126/science.1241681]…


…provides a public presentation about his or her award-winning research. The lectures will be streamed lived at Tuesday September 6 THE KAVLI PRIZE AWARD CEREMONY Oslo Concert Hall The…

NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

…NASA programs and missions, visit: For more information about NASA’s Launch Services Program, visit: For additional information about TESS: For additional information about the launch vehicle:

Powerful Neutron Star’s Behavior Surprises IXPE Researchers

…surprised by the weak polarization of this pulsar, which also indicates that the emission regions are more complex than previously thought. ___________________ See also:   Media Inquiries:

MATs (Monday Afternoon Talks), 10/30/2023 — Speakers: Akshara Viswanathan & Eltha Yu-Hsuan Teng

…from this new dataset. We find that 75% of the stars have indeed [Fe/H] < -2.5, while all of them are very metal-poor ([Fe/H] < -2). This means a large…

Two talks: BBL 2/24/2020 (speakers: Josh Borrow, University of Dunham; Daniel Muthukrishna, University of Cambridge)

…Engineer in Brisbane, Australia. I received two undergraduate degrees in a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Aerospace) and a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the University of Queensland in Australia….