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Estimating parameters of coalescing compact binaries with a detector network including LIGO Australia

ArXiv e-prints Aylott, B. and Farr, B. and Kalogera, V. and Mandel, I. and Raymond, V. and Rodriguez, C. and van der Sluys, M. and Vecchio, A. and Veitch, J….

TESS Science Conference I (online registration deadline: July 19, 2019 at 11:59PM EDT)

The TESS Science Conference I will be the first conference dedicated to TESS mission science, including exoplanets, asteroseismology, stellar binaries, variable stars, Solar System science (e.g., asteroids and comets), extragalactic…

"The Art of Astrophysics" update

…an online Gallery of the entrants in our competition. All the entries, the winners, and a photo-set from our public gallery showing, are all available at: c) “The Art…

An Improved 360 Degree and Order Model of Venus Topography

Icarus Rappaport, N.J. and Konopliv, A.S. and Kucinskas, A.B. and Ford, P.G….

The heavy quarkonium spectrum at order $m \alpha^{5}_{s} \ln \alpha_{s}$

Physics Letters B Brambilla, N. and Pineda, A….

Static and dynamic critical phenomena at a second order QCD phase transition

Nuclear Physics B Rajagopal, K. and Wilczek, F….

Aspects of d-Density Order

eprint arXiv:cond-mat/9512156 Wilczek, F….

The High-order Multiplicity of Unusually Wide M Dwarf Binaries: Eleven New Triple and Quadruple Systems

Astrophysical Journal Law, N.M. and Dhital, S. and Kraus, A. and Stassun, K.G. and West, A.A….