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ACIS Science Instrument Team Report

The Science Instrument (SI) Calibration Report for the Chandra CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) is the very Basis of our ACIS calibration. It is prepared and updated by the ACIS teams at MIT and Pennsylvania State University, Co-Editors are Marshall W. Bautz (MIT), John A. Nousek (PSU), ACIS instrument PI is Gordon P. Garmire (PSU), see page to the right. The report is quite lengthy, therefore instead of pointing to the original Project Science Calibration page entry, the report was broken up into single sections containing each main topic in a separate page entry.

Contents, list of tables and figures

Basic CCD Model Components and Measurement Strategy

Overview of Detector Calibration Measurements

Energy Scale and Spectral Redistribution Function

Pileup Measurements and Modelling

CCD Subpixel Structure

Measurement of Absolute Quantum Efficiency

Relative Quantum Efficiencies of ACIS Flight Detectors

Absolute Quantum Efficiencies of ACIS Flight Detectors

Effects of Instrument Configuration and Environment

Instrumental Background

In-flight ACIS Calibration Sources

ACIS Sensitivity to Visible-Band Radiation

ACIS CCD Sensitivity to (NON-)Ionizing Radiation

The MIT Model of the ACIS CCD

Unresolved Issues


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