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The Chandra X-ray Observatory will allow us for the first time to study the universe in the X-ray domain (0.1 - 10.0 keV) with a sub-arcseconds spatial resolution (0.5") and with the highest spectral resolution (R=1000 at 1 keV) ever. For a more general introduction to the observatory please visit the genuine Chandra Science public outrage site , The serious Chandra user, however, is advised to utilize documents offered at the Chandra Science User Documents site.

The science & research interest outlined in my Science page focusses primarily on galactic X-ray astronomy (here we consider X-ray sources in galaxies of the local group, i.e LMC or SMC, also as 'galactic'). With Chandra we utilize the HETG and the LETG spectrometers to perform high resolution X-ray spectroscopy on X-ray binaries containing either neutron stars or black holes, on isolated neutron stars and pulasrs, supernova remnants, stars and stellar clusters.

The general Chandra Cycle 1 target list

Normal Stars & White Dwarfs

Black Hole & Neutron Star Binaries

Supernovae, SN Remnants, &
isolated Neutron Stars

Galactic HETG GTO Science Program

Coronal Spectroscopy of Cool Stars

Star-Forming Regions

Supernova Remnants

X-ray Binaries

Isolated Neutron Stars

GTO Program

Please note, this section is still under construction. All items labelled with have already a link installed, the ones with do not exist yet. Currently all of the links installed are either preliminary of still under construction.

TW Hydra

The Orion Trapezium

AR Lac & II Peg



Accretion Disc Coronae

4U 1626-67

GX 301-2

Vela X-1

Cyg X-1

SS 433

Vela Pulsar

PSR B0656+14

GO Program

Bright Galactic Bulge Sources

Cir X-1 (1)


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