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I moved to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in Barcelona. Find my new contact details in the link below.
The rest of this website is pretty outdated...

I work on X-ray binaries, primarily those containing a low magnetic field neutron star. These are highly energetic and rapidly changing X-ray emitters powered by the gravitational energy of matter that falls onto the neutron star, in a process known as accretion. By studying in detail their different accretion states or "modes", I hope to learn how accretion flows behave under strong gravitational fields. I am also interested in and doing research on thermonuclear bursts, which offer a direct view of the neutron star's photosphere and a window to the physical processes at work thereon (and therein!).
      • Research interests: neutron stars, black holes, X-ray binaries, accretion flows and accretion states, fast X-ray variability, thermonuclear bursts, nuclear burning regimes, transitional millisecond pulsars.

Is there life after work?

Come back soon!

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