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Space Science Institute profile (PDF), concerning Kathy's EPO work

Press Releases/Articles

Chandra has crucial Institute involvement, MIT TechTalk, August 11, 1999
Chandra observes star's corona with MIT instrument, MIT News, August 30, 1999
Chandra Finds Oxygen and Neon Ring in Ashes of Exploded Star, Chandra Press Release, January 14, 2000
Supernova Breathes Out Oxygen For Future Worlds, SpaceDaily.com, January 17, 2000 (same text as above)
Astronomers open their X-files, MSNBC News, Jan. 14, 2000
MIT scientists present plethora of astronomy findings, MIT TechTalk, January 26, 2000

Education and Public Outreach

Passport to Knowledge, behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of the TV shows

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Kathryn Flanagan, 2004

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