Cas A

Make simulation of Cas A in Si for use in observation planning, see casa_sim.txt.

Make some pretty pictures of the real and simulated FITS events files using hydra/S-Lang routine

Real obsid 1046 data: ( 70 ks )
Color coding ranges (keV):
R = 0.50-1.60, G = 1.75-2.00, B = 2.02-2.30

Simulated '1046 data: (15 ks Si equiv.)
Image based on Si-range only.
Same color coding as real data.

Si line images
R = low side Si XIII, G = high-side Si XIII

Simulation version (no Doppler)

Obsid 1046 in just the Si-peak
629.6 x10^3 events in Si peak.

Simulated version.
137.6 x10^3 events in Si peak for 5M rays input.

Real 1046 Dispersed image:
(color coding as in first image above)

Simulated 1046 Dispersed image:
(color coding as in first image above)

3D Views: Rotating the Regions:

Color-coded quantity: N-S axis
E-W axis
Velocity .mov .mov Big
Temperature .mov .mov
Density, n_e .mov .mov
t_shock = tau / n_e .mov .mov

Cas A - Pileup in Zeroth-order image

It is useful to make a color-coded pileup image for an extended source to show the local level of pileup, e.g., for the HETG zeroth-order of Cas A (obsid 1046):

Click image for larger version

For details, see: CasA_zo_pileup.txt

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