Sixth Annual MKI Postdoctoral Symposium -- Day 1

Thursday, April 25,
11:45am to 1:30pm
Marlar Lounge (37-252)

Day 1 of the sixth annual MKI Postdoctoral Symposium.  This annual event features the MKI-affiliated postdocs presenting 15minute talks (followed by 5-10 minutes of questions) on their past, present, and/or future research to the MKI community.  Lunch will be provided at 11:45; talks will begin promptly at noon.  Abstracts and the full schedule are available on the MKI Postdoctoral Symposium website.

Today's Moderator:  Kevin Schlaufman

Today's Speakers:

Amaury Triaud -- An Observational Path Towards Another Genesis

Heather Jacobson -- Searching for the Signatures of the First Stars

Ruslan Vaulin -- Trace Anomaly Modified Theory of Gravity

Daniel Castro -- Supernova Remnants & Cosmic Rays: An Update On Recent Progress


This year's symposium organizers:  Kevin Schlaufman and Ruslan Vaulin