The Ultraviolet, Optical, and Infrared Properties of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Sources Detected by GALEX

Ag\"ueros, M.A. and Ivezić, \v Z. and Covey, K.R. and Obrić, M. and Hao, L. and Walkowicz, L.M. and West, A.A. and Vanden Berk, D.E. and Lupton, R.H. and Knapp, G.R. and Gunn, J.E. and Richards, G.T. and Bochanski, Jr., J. and Brooks, A. and Claire, M. and Haggard, D. and Kaib, N. and Kimball, A. and Gogarten, S.M. and Seth, A. and Solontoi, M.
September, 2005
Astronomical Journal
Journal Article
Galaxies: Starburst
Ultraviolet: Galaxies
ultraviolet: general
Ultraviolet: Stars