Transit Timing Observations from Kepler. II. Confirmation of Two Multiplanet Systems via a Non-parametric Correlation Analysis

Ford, E.B. and Fabrycky, D.C. and Steffen, J.H. and Carter, J.A. and Fressin, F. and Holman, M.J. and Lissauer, J.J. and Moorhead, A.V. and Morehead, R.C. and Ragozzine, D. and Rowe, J.F. and Welsh, W.F. and Allen, C. and Batalha, N.M. and Borucki, W.J. and Bryson, S.T. and Buchhave, L.A. and Burke, C.J. and Caldwell, D.A. and Charbonneau, D. and Clarke, B.D. and Cochran, W.D. and Désert, J.-M. and Endl, M. and Everett, M.E. and Fischer, D.A. and Gautier, III, T.N. and Gilliland, R.L. and Jenkins, J.M. and Haas, M.R. and Horch, E. and Howell, S.B. and Ibrahim, K.A. and Isaacson, H. and Koch, D.G. and Latham, D.W. and Li, J. and Lucas, P. and MacQueen, P.J. and Marcy, G.W. and McCauliff, S. and Mullally, F.R. and Quinn, S.N. and Quintana, E. and Shporer, A. and Still, M. and Tenenbaum, P. and Thompson, S.E. and Torres, G. and Twicken, J.D. and Wohler, B. and the Kepler Science Team
May, 2012
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
planets and satellites: detection
planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability
stars: individual: KIC 3231341 11512246 KOI 168 1102 Kepler-23 Kepler-24
techniques: miscellaneous