The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7 Spectroscopic M Dwarf Catalog. I. Data

West, A.A. and Morgan, D.P. and Bochanski, J.J. and Andersen, J.M. and Bell, K.J. and Kowalski, A.F. and Davenport, J.R.A. and Hawley, S.L. and Schmidt, S.J. and Bernat, D. and Hilton, E.J. and Muirhead, P. and Covey, K.R. and Rojas-Ayala, B. and Schlawin, E. and Gooding, M. and Schluns, K. and Dhital, S. and Pineda, J.S. and Jones, D.O.
March, 2011
Astronomical Journal
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Brown Dwarfs
Galaxy: Kinematics and Dynamics
stars: abundances
Stars: Activity
Stars: Late-Type
stars: low-mass