Report on the second Mock LISA data challenge

Babak, S. and Baker, J.G. and Benacquista, M.J. and Cornish, N.J. and Crowder, J. and Cutler, C. and Larson, S.L. and Littenberg, T.B. and Porter, E.K. and Vallisneri, M. and Vecchio, A. and data challenge task force, t.M.L. and Auger, G. and Barack, L. and B\laut, A. and Bloomer, E. and Brown, D.A. and Christensen, N. and Clark, J. and Fairhurst, S. and Gair, J.R. and Halloin, H. and Hendry, M. and Jimenez, A. and Królak, A. and Mandel, I. and Messenger, C. and Meyer, R. and Mohanty, S. and Nayak, R. and Petiteau, A. and Pitkin, M. and Plagnol, E. and Prix, R. and Robinson, E.L. and Roever, C. and Savov, P. and Stroeer, A. and Toher, J. and Veitch, J. and Vinet, J. and Wen, L. and Whelan, J.T. and Woan, G. and Challenge-2 participants, t.
June, 2008
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Journal Article