Physics at a Neutrino Factory

Albright, C. and Anderson, G. and Barger, V. and Bernstein, R. and Blazey, G. and Bodek, A. and Buckley-Geer, E. and Bueno, A. and Campanelli, M. and Carey, D. and Casper, D. and Cervera, A. and Crisan, C. and DeJongh, F. and Eichblatt, S. and Erner, A. and Fernow, R. and Finley, D. and Formaggio, J. and Gallardo, J. and Geer, S. and Goodman, M. and Harris, D. and Hawker, E. and Hill, J. and Johnson, R. and Kaplan, D. and Kahn, S. and Kayser, B. and Kearns, E. and King, B.J. and Kirk, H. and Krane, J. and Krop, D. and Ligeti, Z. and Lykken, J. and McDonald, K. and McFarland, K. and Mocioiu, I. and Morfin, J. and Murayama, H. and Nelson, J. and Neuffer, D. and Nienaber, P. and Palmer, R. and Parke, S. and Parsa, Z. and Plunkett, R. and Prebys, E. and Quigg, C. and Raja, R. and Rigolin, S. and Rubbia, A. and Schellman, H. and Shaevitz, M. and Shanahan, P. and Shrock, R. and Spentzouris, P. and Stefanski, R. and Stone, J. and Sulak, L. and Unel, G. and Velasco, M. and Whisnant, K. and Yu, J. and Zimmerman, E.D.
August, 2000
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