Physics at BES-III

Asner, D.M. and Barnes, T. and Bian, J.M. and Bigi, I.I. and Brambilla, N. and Boyko, I.R. and Bytev, V. and Chao, K.T. and Charles, J. and Chen, H.X. and Chen, J.C. and Chen, Y. and Chen, Y.Q. and Cheng, H.Y. and Dedovich, D. and Descotes-Genon, S. and Fu, C.D. and Tormo, X.G.i and Gao, Y.-. and He, K.L. and He, Z.G. and Hu, J.F. and Hu, H.M. and Huang, B. and Jia, Y. and Jin, H.-. and Jin, S. and Kuang, Y.P. and Lacker, H. and Li, H.B. and Li, J.L. and Li, W.D. and Li, X.Y. and Liu, B.J. and Liu, H.H. and Liu, J. and Ma, H.L. and Ma, J.P. and Mao, Y.J. and Mo, X.H. and Olsen, S.L. and Pich, A. and Pineda, A. and Ping, R.G. and Qiao, C.F. and Qin, G. and Qin, H. and Roney, J.M. and Rong, G. and Roos, L. and Shen, X.Y. and Soto, J. and Stahl, A. and Sun, S.S. and T'Jampens, S. and Vairo, A. and Wang, P. and Wang, Y.F. and Wang, Y.K. and Wu, N. and Wu, Y.L. and Xing, Z.Z. and Xu, G.F. and Xu, M. and Yang, M. and Yang, M.Z. and Yang, Y.D. and Yuan, C.Z. and Zhang, D.H. and Zhang, D.Y. and Zhang, J.Y. and Zhang, Z.X. and Zhang, X.M. and Zhang, X.Y. and Zhang, Y.J. and Zhao, Q. and Zhemchugov, A. and Zheng, H.Q. and Zheng, Y.H. and Zhong, M. and Zhu, S.-. and Zhu, Y.S. and Zhuravlov, V. and Zou, B.S. and Zou, J.H.
September, 2008
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