New Close Binary Systems from the SDSS-I (Data Release Five) and the Search for Magnetic White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variable Progenitor Systems

Silvestri, N.M. and Lemagie, M.P. and Hawley, S.L. and West, A.A. and Schmidt, G.D. and Liebert, J. and Szkody, P. and Mannikko, L. and Wolfe, M.A. and Barentine, J.C. and Brewington, H.J. and Harvanek, M. and Krzesinski, J. and Long, D. and Schneider, D.P. and Snedden, S.A.
August, 2007
Astronomical Journal
Journal Article
binaries: close
cataclysmic variables
stars: low-mass
Brown Dwarfs
white dwarfs