The Mock LISA Data Challenges: from Challenge 1B to Challenge 3

Babak, S. and Baker, J.G. and Benacquista, M.J. and Cornish, N.J. and Crowder, J. and Larson, S.L. and Plagnol, E. and Porter, E.K. and Vallisneri, M. and Vecchio, A. and Data Challenge Task Force, T.M.L. and Arnaud, K. and Barack, L. and B\laut, A. and Cutler, C. and Fairhurst, S. and Gair, J. and Gong, X. and Harry, I. and Khurana, D. and Królak, A. and Mandel, I. and Prix, R. and Sathyaprakash, B.S. and Savov, P. and Shang, Y. and Trias, M. and Veitch, J. and Wang, Y. and Wen, L. and Whelan, J.T. and Challenge-1B participants, t.
September, 2008
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Journal Article