Kepler-20: A Sun-like Star with Three Sub-Neptune Exoplanets and Two Earth-size Candidates

Gautier, III, T.N. and Charbonneau, D. and Rowe, J.F. and Marcy, G.W. and Isaacson, H. and Torres, G. and Fressin, F. and Rogers, L.A. and Désert, J.-M. and Buchhave, L.A. and Latham, D.W. and Quinn, S.N. and Ciardi, D.R. and Fabrycky, D.C. and Ford, E.B. and Gilliland, R.L. and Walkowicz, L.M. and Bryson, S.T. and Cochran, W.D. and Endl, M. and Fischer, D.A. and Howell, S.B. and Horch, E.P. and Barclay, T. and Batalha, N. and Borucki, W.J. and Christiansen, J.L. and Geary, J.C. and Henze, C.E. and Holman, M.J. and Ibrahim, K. and Jenkins, J.M. and Kinemuchi, K. and Koch, D.G. and Lissauer, J.J. and Sanderfer, D.T. and Sasselov, D.D. and Seager, S. and Silverio, K. and Smith, J.C. and Still, M. and Stumpe, M.C. and Tenenbaum, P. and Van Cleve, J.
April, 2012
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
stars: individual: Kepler-20 KIC 6850504 2MASS J19104752+4220194