Identification of a Population of X-ray-emitting Massive Stars in the Galactic Plane

Anderson, G.E. and Gaensler, B.M. and Kaplan, D.L. and Posselt, B. and Slane, P.O. and Murray, S.S. and Mauerhan, J.C. and Benjamin, R.A. and Brogan, C.L. and Chakrabarty, D. and Drake, J.J. and Drew, J.E. and Grindlay, J.E. and Hong, J. and Lazio, T.J.W. and Lee, J.C. and Steeghs, D.T.H. and van Kerkwijk, M.H.
February, 2011
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
stars: winds
stars: Wolf-Rayet
X-rays: binaries
X-rays: individual: AX J163252–4746 AX J184738–0156 AX J144701–5919 AX J144547–5931
X-rays: stars