First dark matter search results from a surface run of the 10-L DMTPC directional dark matter detector

Dmtpc Collaboration and Ahlen, S. and Battat, J.B.R. and Caldwell, T. and Deaconu, C. and Dujmic, D. and Fedus, W. and Fisher, P. and Golub, F. and Henderson, S. and Inglis, A. and Kaboth, A. and Kohse, G. and Lanza, R. and Lee, A. and Lopez, J. and Monroe, J. and Sahin, T. and Sciolla, G. and Skvorodnev, N. and Tomita, H. and Wellenstein, H. and Wolfe, I. and Yamamoto, R. and Yegoryan, H.
January, 2011
Physics Letters B
Journal Article