Energy cross-calibration from the first CREAM flight: transition radiation detector versus calorimeter

Maestro, P. and Ahn, H.S. and Allison, P.S. and Bagliesi, M.G. and Beatty, J.J. and Bigongiari, G. and Boyle, P.J. and Brandt, T.J. and Childers, J.T. and Conklin, N.B. and Coutu, S. and Duvernois, M.A. and Ganel, O. and Han, J.H. and Hyun, H.J. and Jeon, J.A. and Kim, K.C. and Lee, J.K. and Lee, M.H. and Lutz, L. and Marrocchesi, P.S. and Malinine, A. and Minnick, S. and Mognet, S.I. and Nam, S. and Nutter, S. and Park, H. and Park, I.H. and Park, N.H. and Seo, E.S. and Sina, R. and Swordy, S. and Wakely, S.P. and Wu, J. and Yang, J. and Yoon, Y.S. and Zei, R. and Zinn, S.Y.
March, 2010
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Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics
Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena