Detection of the Baryon Acoustic Peak in the Large-Scale Correlation Function of SDSS Luminous Red Galaxies

Eisenstein, D.J. and Zehavi, I. and Hogg, D.W. and Scoccimarro, R. and Blanton, M.R. and Nichol, R.C. and Scranton, R. and Seo, H.-J. and Tegmark, M. and Zheng, Z. and Anderson, S.F. and Annis, J. and Bahcall, N. and Brinkmann, J. and Burles, S. and Castander, F.J. and Connolly, A. and Csabai, I. and Doi, M. and Fukugita, M. and Frieman, J.A. and Glazebrook, K. and Gunn, J.E. and Hendry, J.S. and Hennessy, G. and Ivezić, Z. and Kent, S. and Knapp, G.R. and Lin, H. and Loh, Y.-S. and Lupton, R.H. and Margon, B. and McKay, T.A. and Meiksin, A. and Munn, J.A. and Pope, A. and Richmond, M.W. and Schlegel, D. and Schneider, D.P. and Shimasaku, K. and Stoughton, C. and Strauss, M.A. and SubbaRao, M. and Szalay, A.S. and Szapudi, I. and Tucker, D.L. and Yanny, B. and York, D.G.
November, 2005
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background
Cosmology: Cosmological Parameters
galaxies: elliptical and lenticular
Cosmology: Large-Scale Structure of Universe