On Departures from a Power Law in the Galaxy Correlation Function

Zehavi, I. and Weinberg, D.H. and Zheng, Z. and Berlind, A.A. and Frieman, J.A. and Scoccimarro, R. and Sheth, R.K. and Blanton, M.R. and Tegmark, M. and Mo, H.J. and Bahcall, N.A. and Brinkmann, J. and Burles, S. and Csabai, I. and Fukugita, M. and Gunn, J.E. and Lamb, D.Q. and Loveday, J. and Lupton, R.H. and Meiksin, A. and Munn, J.A. and Nichol, R.C. and Schlegel, D. and Schneider, D.P. and SubbaRao, M. and Szalay, A.S. and Uomoto, A. and York, D.G. and SDSS Collaboration
June, 2004
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
cosmology: theory
galaxies: fundamental parameters
galaxies: statistics
Cosmology: Large-Scale Structure of Universe