Benefits of joint LIGO - Virgo coincidence searches for burst and inspiral signals

Beauville, F. and Bizouard, M.-A. and Blackburn, L. and Bosi, L. and Brady, P. and Brocco, L. and Brown, D. and Buskulic, D. and Cavalier, F. and Chatterji, S. and Christensen, N. and Clapson, A.-C. and Fairhurst, S. and Grosjean, D. and Guidi, G. and Hello, P. and Katsavounidis, E. and Knight, M. and Lazzarini, A. and Leroy, N. and Marion, F. and Mours, B. and Ricci, F. and Viceré, A. and Zanolin, M. and joint LIGO/Virgo working Group
March, 2006
Journal of Physics Conference Series
Journal Article