Architecture and Dynamics of Kepler's Candidate Multiple Transiting Planet Systems

Lissauer, J.J. and Ragozzine, D. and Fabrycky, D.C. and Steffen, J.H. and Ford, E.B. and Jenkins, J.M. and Shporer, A. and Holman, M.J. and Rowe, J.F. and Quintana, E.V. and Batalha, N.M. and Borucki, W.J. and Bryson, S.T. and Caldwell, D.A. and Carter, J.A. and Ciardi, D. and Dunham, E.W. and Fortney, J.J. and Gautier, III, T.N. and Howell, S.B. and Koch, D.G. and Latham, D.W. and Marcy, G.W. and Morehead, R.C. and Sasselov, D.
November, 2011
Astrophysical Journal, Supplement
Journal Article
celestial mechanics
planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability
planets and satellites: fundamental parameters
planets and satellites: general