The Angular Power Spectrum of Galaxies from Early Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data

Tegmark, M. and Dodelson, S. and Eisenstein, D.J. and Narayanan, V. and Scoccimarro, R. and Scranton, R. and Strauss, M.A. and Connolly, A. and Frieman, J.A. and Gunn, J.E. and Hui, L. and Jain, B. and Johnston, D. and Kent, S. and Loveday, J. and Nichol, R.C. and O'Connell, L. and Sheth, R.K. and Stebbins, A. and Szalay, A.S. and Szapudi, I. and Vogeley, M.S. and Zehavi, I. and Annis, J. and Bahcall, N.A. and Brinkmann, J. and Csabai, I. and Doi, M. and Fukugita, M. and Hennessy, G. and Ivez\'\ic, \v Z. and Knapp, G.R. and Lamb, D.Q. and Lee, B.C. and Lupton, R.H. and McKay, T.A. and Kunszt, P. and Munn, J.A. and Peoples, J. and Pier, J.R. and Richmond, M. and Rockosi, C. and Schlegel, D. and Stoughton, C. and Tucker, D.L. and Yanny, B. and York, D.G.
May, 2002
Astrophysical Journal
Journal Article
galaxies: statistics
Cosmology: Large-Scale Structure of Universe
methods: data analysis