Mapping the Stellar Content of the Milky Way with LSST

Bochanski, J.J. and Thorman, P. and Covey, K. and Olsen, K. and Dhital, S. and Beers, T.C. and Boeshaar, P. and Cargile, P. and Catelan, M. and Digel, S. and Guhathakurta, P. and Henry, T. and Ivezic, Z. and Juric, M. and Kalirai, J. and Kirkpatrick, J. and McGehee, P.M. and Minniti, D. and Mukadam, A. and Pepper, J. and Prsa, A. and Ro\v skar, R. and Smith, J. and Stassun, K. and Tyson, A. and LSST Stellar Populations Collaboration and Milky Way Collaboration and Local Volume Science Collaboration
January, 2012
American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts \#219
Conference Proceedings Article