History and Results of IMB Detection of Neutrinos from SN 1987A

Reines, F. and Cortez, B. and Shumard, E. and Goldhaber, M. and Casper, D. and Ciocio, A. and Claus, R. and Seidel, S. and Stone, J. and Sulak, L. and Blewitt, G. and Bratton, C. and Crouch, M. and Foster, G. and Bionta, R. and Wuest, C. and Park, H. and Gajewski, W. and Ganezer, K. and Haines, T. and Kielczewska, D. and Kropp, W. and Miller, R. and Price, L. and Schultz, J. and Sobel, H. and Svoboda, R. and Jones, T. and Mudan, M. and Dye, S. and Learned, J. and Errede, S. and Matthews, J. and Sinclair, D. and Thornton, G. and van der Velde, J. and Losecco, J.
March, 1989
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Proceedings Article