DMTPC: A dark matter detector with directional sensitivity

Battat, J.B.R. and Allien, S. and Caldwell, T. and Dujmic, D. and Dushkin, A. and Fisher, P. and Golub, F. and Goyal, S. and Henderson, S. and Inglis, A. and Lanza, R. and Lopez, J. and Kaboth, A. and Kohse, G. and Monroe, J. and Sciolla, G. and Skvorodnev, B.N. and Tomita, H. and Vanderspek, R. and Wellenstein, H. and Yamamoto, R.
December, 2009
American Institute of Physics Conference Series
Conference Proceedings Article
dark matter
ionisation chambers
dark matter
Gas-filled counters: ionization chambers
and avalanche counters
and other elementary particles; cosmic rays