Csi(tl) Dark Matter Search

Kim, Y.D. and Choi, D.H. and Choi, J.M. and Hahn, I.S. and Hwang, M.J. and Jain, R.K. and Kang, W.G. and Kim, H.J. and Kim, S.C. and Kim, S.K. and Kim, T.Y. and Kwon, Y.J. and Lee, E.K. and Lee, H.S. and Lee, J.H. and Lee, J.I. and Lee, M.H. and Lee, S.E. and Lim, D.S. and Noh, S.H. and Park, H. and Park, I.H. and Seo, E.S. and Won, E. and Yang, H.Y. and Yang, M.S. and Yu, I. and Zhu, J.
March, 2003
Identification of Dark Matter
Conference Proceedings Article
dark matter