The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) experiment: Results, status and perspective

Mirabolfathi, N. and Ahmed, Z. and Akerib, D.S. and Arrenberg, S. and Bailey, C.N. and Balakishiyeva, D. and Baudis, L. and Bauer, D.A. and Beaty, J. and Brink, P.L. and Bruch, T. and Bunker, R. and Cabrera, B. and Caldwell, D.O. and Clark, K. and Cooley, J. and Cushman, P. and Dejongh, F. and Dragowski, M.R. and Duong, L. and Figueroa-Feliciano, E. and Filippini, J. and Fritts, M. and Golwala, S.R. and Grant, D.R. and Hall, J. and Hennins-Yeomans, R. and Hertel, S. and Homgren, D. and Hsu, L. and Huber, M.E. and Kamaev, O. and Kiveni, M. and Kos, M. and Leman, S.W. and Mahapatra, R. and Mandic, V. and Moore, D. and McCarthy, K.A. and Nelson, H. and Ogburn, R.W. and Pyle, M. and Qiu, X. and Ramberg, E. and Rau, W. and Reisetter, A. and Saab, T. and Sadoulet, B. and Sanders, J. and Schnee, R.W. and Seitz, D.N. and Serfass, B. and Sundqvist, K.M. and Wang, G. and Yellin, S. and Yoo, J. and Young, B.A.
December, 2009
American Institute of Physics Conference Series
Conference Proceedings Article
dark matter
dark matter
Cryogenics; refrigerators
low-temperature detectors
and other low-temperature equipment
Scintillation detectors