Astrophysics from the Highly-Redshifted 21 cm Line

Furlanetto, S.R. and Lidz, A. and Loeb, A. and McQuinn, M. and Pritchard, J.R. and Alvarez, M.A. and Backer, D.C. and Bowman, J.D. and Burns, J.O. and Carilli, C.L. and Cen, R. and Cooray, A. and Gnedin, N. and Greenhill, L.J. and Haiman, Z. and Hewitt, J.N. and Hirata, C.M. and Lazio, J. and Mesinger, A. and Madau, P. and Morales, M.F. and Oh, S.P. and Peterson, J.B. and Pihlström, Y.M. and Shapiro, P.R. and Tegmark, M. and Trac, H. and Zahn, O. and Zaldarriaga, M.
January, 2009
astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey
Conference Proceedings Article