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Youwei Yao

Postdoctoral Associate Postdoctoral Scholar
Research interests: 

Dr. Youwei Yao is interested in X-ray optics for instrumental applications. His research began in 2010 when he joined Prof. Hideyo Kunieda's lab at Nagoya University in Japan where the HXT of ASTRO-H was designed and fabricated. As a pre-doctoral candidate there, he focused on X-ray multilayer optics, successfully designed and fabricated a new reflective supermirror structure to improve the hard X-ray telescope's energy response. He also participated in the production of X-ray mirrors for HXT of ASTRO-H. After he completed his Ph.D work in 2013,  he held a two year post-doc appointment at Northwestern University and invented a stress manipulated coating process to improve the X-ray mirror's angular resolution. In 2016, Youwei Yao joined MIT as a postdoctoral associate. He is working with Mark L. Schattenburg and Ralf Heilmann in MKI's Space Nanotechnology Laboratory to develop smart mirror technologies for future telescope missions.

Representative publications: 

Y. Yao et al., “Design and fabrication of a supermirror with smooth and broad response for hard x-ray telescopes”, App. Opt., Vol. 52, No. 26, 2013.

Y. Yao, et al., “The theoretical analysis of the hard X-ray block-structure supermirror,” Opt. Exp.,Vol.21, No. 008638, 2013.

Y. Yao et al., “Stress manipulated coating for fabricating light weight X-ray telescope mirrors”, Opt. Exp., Vol. 23, No. 22, 2015.


U.S. Patent Appl. No.:    15/166,637
First Named Inventor:  Youwei Yao

Contact Information

t: 617-253-9342
e: yaoyw@MIT.EDU

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