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Maggie Tse

Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellow Graduate Student

I grew up in Queens, New York and studied physics at Columbia University, where I was first introduced to the LIGO experiment by Professor Szabolcs Marka. Four years later, I'm still hooked. Along the way I have worked on a data analysis pipeline for the detection of gravitational wave events associated with the quasi-periodic oscillations from soft gamma repeaters, and also worked on the Physical Environment Monitoring and the Slow Controls subsystems. I hope to continue participating in the LIGO experiment as a graduate student, investigating the quantum aspects of the detector and working towards improving the performance of the instrument as it searches for gravitational waves.

Honors and awards: 

Maggie Tse begins her graduate work at MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation as one of the two Clare Boothe Luce (CBL) Graduate Fellows in the Department of Physics.

Contact Information

t: 617-452-3605