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Roberto Sanchis Ojeda

Postdoctoral Associate Postdoctoral Scholar

I am from Castellon de la Plana, Spain, which is located to the north of Valencia. I became interested in physics in high school and participated in science Olympiads. I did a five-year undergraduate program in physics at the University of Valencia studying at the Burjassot science campus. I spent the fourth year of the program as an exchange student at the Imperial College of London. In 2009, I finished my undergraduate studies and moved to Boston to start as a graduate student at MIT.



Research interests: 

My research interests lie on the frontier between exoplanetary science and stellar physics. I study transiting exoplanets, planets that pass in front of their host star. Under the supervision of Josh Winn, I work on the development of new techniques to measure the obliquity (spin-orbit angle) of magnetically active host stars. With these techniques we also study spot physics, obtaining things like sizes and temperatures, in addition to long term magnetic cycles. Follow the following website for more information.

Representative publications: 

"Starspots and Spin-orbit Alignment in the WASP-4 Exoplanetary System”, Astrophysical Journal, R. Sanchis-Ojeda, J. N. Winn, M. J. Holman et al., 733, 127.
“Alignment of the stellar spin with the orbits of a three-planet system“, Nature, R. Sanchis-Ojeda, D. C. Fabrycy, J. N. Winn et al., 487, 499.

Honors and awards: 

Winner of the National Physics Olympiad (Spain), 2004. Honorable mention on the international competition, South Korea, 2004.
National award to excellence in academic performance in Spain, undergraduate Physics, 3rd prize. 2010
Fellowship Grant for Post-Graduate Studies in USA from the “la Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona, Spain, 2009-2011.

Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley beginning fall 2014

Contact Information

t: 617-253-6235


Licenciado in Physics (5-years undergraduate degree), University of Valencia, 2004-2009 PhD Physics, MIT June 2014