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Fabrice Matichard

Visiting Research Scientist Affiliates

I joined the LIGO group at MIT as a Postdoc fellow in 2006. After three years I became a LIGO-Caltech staff member in charge of design and testing activities for the Advanced LIGO Seismic Isolation group. I have been a Senior Research Engineer with the California Institute of Technology since 2011. I perform my research and development activity on Seismic Isolation at the LIGO-MIT test facilities.

Research interests: 

Seismic & Vibration Isolation, Inertial Sensors, Active Systems, Low-Noise Instrumentation

Representative publications: 

Matichard, F., et al. "LIGO Vibration Isolation and Alignment Platforms: an Overview of Systems, Features and Performance of Interest for the Field of Precision Positioning and Manufacturing", Proceedings of ASPE conference on Precision Control for Advanced Manufacturing Systems, 2013.

Matichard, F., et al. “Dynamics Enhancements of Advanced LIGO Multi-Stage Active Vibration Isolators and Related Control Performance Improvement”, Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise. (2012).

Contact Information

t: 617-253-6410

Research Areas


Ph.D Mechanical Engineering, INSA Lyon, France, 2006 MS, Mechanical Engineering, INSA Lyon, France, 2003