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Hui Li

Postdoctoral Scholar

Hui received his B.S. and M.S. in astronomy and astrophysics from Nanjing University in China in 2009 and 2012. He then moved to the University of Michigan and obtained his Ph.D. in 2017. He joined MKI in Oct. 2017 as a postdoctoral associate working with Prof. Mark Vogelsberger.

Research interests: 

Anisotropy Thermal Conduction and Turbulence in Magnetized IntraCluster Medium
  Simulating Star Cluster Formation and Evolution in Various Scales
  Formation and Evolution of Globular Cluster in Different Types Galaxies
  Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Propagation in the Galaxy
  The Gamma-Ray Emission of Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae

Currently, I'm using moving-mesh magnetohydrodynamic code AREPO to investigate the interplay between star formation and subsequent feedback processes in giant molecule clouds. Specifically, I'm trying to study the effects of ionizing radiation, stellar wind, and supernovae from young stars to the structure of GMCs.

Representative publications: 

"Star Cluster Formation in Cosmological Simulations. II. Effects of Star Formation Efficiency and Stellar Feedback"
Li, Gnedin, Gnedin, 2017, ApJ submitted

"Star cluster formation in cosmological simulations. I. Properties of young clusters"
Li, Gnedin, Gnedin, Meng, Semenov, Kravtsov, 2017, ApJ 834, 69

"Modeling The Formation of Globular Cluster Systems in The Virgo Cluster"
Li & Gnedin, 2014, ApJ, 796, 10
"$\gamma$-rays from Molecular Clouds Illuminated by Accumulated Diffusive Protons. II: Interacting Supernova Remnants"
Li & Chen, 2012, MNRAS, 421, 935

"Derivation of the Electron Distribution in SNR RX J1713.7-3946 via a Spectral Inversion Method"
Li, Liu, Chen, 2011, ApJ Letters, 742, L10

"Gamma-rays from Molecular Clouds Illuminated by Accumulated Diffusive Protons from Supernova Remnant W28"
Li & Chen, 2010, MNRAS Letters, 409, 1, L35-L38

"Lepto-Hadronic Origin of $\gamma$-rays from the G54.1+0.3 Pulsar Wind Nebula"
Li, Chen, Zhang, 2010, MNRAS Letters, 408, 1, L80-L84

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