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Alexander P. Ji

Graduate Student, Physics Graduate Student

Alex is from the California Bay Area. In his spare time, he sings with the MIT Concert Choir.

Research interests: 

Alex is interested in the dwarf galaxies that surround the Milky Way. These dwarf galaxies can tell us a lot about dark matter, cosmology, and the first stars and galaxies. Alex and his group are working on the Caterpillar Project. This large suite of simulations will help us understand the structure of dwarf galaxies in the context of cosmology. Alex also studies what information can be gleaned from chemical abundances of metal-poor stars. Encoded in these stars is valuable information about the first stars and galaxies.

Honors and awards: 

Henry Kendall Teaching Award, Sep 2014
Whiteman Fellow, Sep 2012 - Sep 2013
AAPT Outstanding Learning Assistant Award 2012

Contact Information


B.S., Physics, Stanford University 2011; M.S., Statistics, Stanford University 2012