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Brendan Griffen

Postdoctoral Fellow Postdoctoral Scholar

Brendan Griffen obtained his Bachelor's (2007) and Honours (2008) degrees from the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, Australia. In 2012, he completed his Ph.D. at UQ under the supervision of Prof. Michael Drinkwater (UQ) and Prof. Peter Thomas (University of Sussex) studying globular cluster formation and their contributions to the reionization of the local inter-galactic medium. In late 2012, Brendan Griffen joined the MIT Kavli Institute as a postdoctoral fellow working with Assist. Prof. Anna Frebel's group to study the formation of the Milky Way, its progenitors and orbiting companions.

Research interests: 

Brendan Griffen's research consists of studying complex astrophysical systems with computational resources. For his Ph.D. he used the Aquarius simulation suite to study globular cluster formation and helped quantify their contributions to the reionization of local inter-galactic medium. At MIT, he continues to use computing clusters to study the formation of the Milky Way galaxy and its orbiting companions (e.g. dwarf galaxies). These cosmological dark matter simulations trace the history of the our own Milky Way galaxy enabling researchers to gain a better understanding of galaxy formation as a whole (among many other things).

Representative publications: 

Griffen, B.F., M.J. Drinkwater, P.A. Thomas, I. Iliev, and G. Mellema._The Inhomogenous Reionisation Of the Inter-Galactic Medium By Metal-Poor Globular Clusters arxiv/1209.6069
Griffen, B.F., M.J. Drinkwater, P.A. Thomas, J.C. Helly, and K. A. Pimbblet. Globular cluster formation within the Aquarius simulation. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 04, 2010.

Honors and awards: 

UQ - UWA Bilateral Research Collaboration Award

Contact Information

t: 617-324-6374


B.S. Honors, Physics, University of Queensland, 2007; Ph.D., Physics, University of Queensland, 2012