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Lia Corrales

Postdoctoral Associate Postdoctoral Scholar

Lia Corrales received her PhD in Astronomy from Columbia University, advised by Frits Paerels.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA.  A Southern California native, Lia was born and raised in San Diego.

Research interests: 

Lia studies interstellar and intergalactic dust via the phenomenon of X-ray scattering.  She is particularly interested in determining dust grain size distributions, abundance, spatial distributions, and composition via absorption spectroscopy.  Such studies require intimate understanding of the Chandra point spread function, so her research efforts also include determining the Chandra PSF under varying degrees of pileup.

Honors and awards: 

--awarded an Einstein Fellowship (University of Wisconsin, Madison to work with Sebastian Heinz)

--featured in a Nature News column, called "Turning Point", about my contribution to sending a letter to the Supreme Court to argue why affirmative action and diversity initiatives matter.

Contact Information

t: 617-258-8119