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Claude R. Canizares

Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics; Associate Director of the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center Faculty

Professor Canizares is the Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics at MIT.  He earned his BA, MA and Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University after which he came to MIT as a postdoctoral fellow and then joined the faculty. He has served as Director of the Center for Space Research, now the MIT-Kavli Institute (1990-2001), Associate Provost (2001-2006), Vice President for Research & Associate Provost (2006-2013), and Vice President (2013-2015). He is also the Associate Director of the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center.

Research interests: 

Professor Canizares’s main research interests are high-resolution spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics of cosmic X-ray sources.  He led the development of the High Resolution Transmission Grating Spectrometer on NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and of the crystal spectrometer on the earlier Einstein Observatory.  He studies the properties of a wide range of Galactic and extra-Galactic X-ray sources, including active stars, black-hole or neutron star binaries, supernova remnants, quasars and clusters of galaxies.  He also uses X-ray sources as probes of inter-stellar and inter-galactic matter.


Representative publications: 

A Census of Baryons and Dark Matter in an Isolated, Milky Way-sized Elliptical Galaxy P.H. Humphrey, D.A. Boute, C.R. Canizares, A.C. Fabian, J. M. Miller, (2011) Astrophysical Journal 729, 53.

Evolution and Hydrodynamics of the Very-Broad X-ray Line Emission in SN 1987A D. Dewey, V. V. Dwarkadas, F. Haberl, R. Sturm, C. R. Canizares (2012) Astrophysical Journal 752, 103

A Census of X-ray gas in NGC 1068: Results from 450ks of Chandra HETG Observation T. Kallman, D. A. Evans, H. Marshall, C. Canizares, A. Longinotti, M. Nowak, N. Schulz, (2014) Astrophysical Journal 780, 121.

Are the Effects of Structure Formation Seen in the Central Metalicity of Galaxy Clusters? Tamer Y. Elkholy, Mark W. Bautz, Claude R. Canizares, (2015) Astrophysical Journal 805, 3.

X-ray Properties of Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in the Orion Trapezium Cluster Norbert S. Schulz, David P. Huenemoerder, Moritz Guenther, Paola Testa, Claude R. Canizares (2015) Astrophysical Journal (in press)