MKI Journal Club Schedule, Spring 2011

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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4 February
Scott Hertel The Planck Collaboration, Planck Early Results: New Light on Anomalous Microwave Emission from Spinning Dust Grains 1101.2031
Thomas Corbitt Vardanyan et al., Applications of Bayesian model averaging to the curvature and size of the Universe 1101.5476
11 February
Rebecca Sobel Miller et al., Multiwavelength Studies of Rotating Radio Transients 1101.5637
Norbert Schulz Comastri et al., The XMM Deep survey in the CDFS I. First results on heavily obscured AGN 1012.4011
18 February
Sarah Vigeland J. D. Nichols, Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Jupiter-like exoplanets with internal plasma sources: implications for detectability of auroral radio emissions 1102.2737
Paul Schechter Davis et al., Local Gravity versus Local Velocity: Solutions for beta and nonlinear bias 1011.3114
25 February
Phillip Zukin Claire N. Lackner & Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Dissipational versus Dissipationless Galaxy Formation and the Dark Matter Content of Galaxies 1002.0585
Nico Yunes Vincent Corbin & Neil J. Cornish, Pulsar Timing Array Observations of Massive Black Hole Binaries 1008.1782
4 March
Kat Deck Clark et al., The Formation and Fragmentation of Disks around Primordial Protostars 1101.5284
Grief et al., Simulations on a Moving Mesh: The Clustered Formation of Population III Protostars 1101.5491
Deepto Chakrabarty Craig O. Heinke & Wynn C. G. Ho, Direct Observation of the Cooling of the Cassiopeia A Neutron Star 1007.4719
11 March
Nicolas Smith Ryan M. O'Leary & Abraham Loeb, Recoiled star clusters in the Milky Way halo: N-body simulations and a candidate search through SDSS 1102.3695
Ruslan Vaulin Ehud Nakar & Tsvi Piran, Radio Remnants of Compact Binary Mergers - the Electromagnetic Signal that will follow the Gravitational Waves 1102.1020
18 March
Josh Dillon Dai et al., Measuring the cosmological bulk flow using the peculiar velocities of supernovae 1102.0800
Eric Miller Townsley et al., An Introduction to the Chandra Carina Complex Project 1102.4779
25 March
No Journal Club: Spring Break
1 April
Christopher Williams Reines et al., An Actively Accreting Massive Black Hole in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy Henize 2-10 1103.2791
Josh Winn Eric Agol, Transit surveys for Earths in the habitable zones of white dwarfs 1103.2791
8 April
Bogdan Stoica Yoo et al., Gregory-Laflamme instability of a slowly rotating black string 1103.6081
Tali Figueroa-Feliciano Uchiyama et al., GeV Gamma Rays from Supernova Remnants Interacting with Molecular Clouds 1104.1197
15 April
No Journal Club: MKI Postdoc Symposium
22 April
Leo Stein Dustin Lang and David W. Hogg, Searching for comets on the World Wide Web: The orbit of 17P/Holmes from the behavior of photographers 1103.6038
Ilya Mandel Bloom et al., A relativistic jetted outburst from a massive black hole fed by a tidally disrupted star 1104.3257
29 April
John Rutherford Lee et al., Accounting for Calibration Uncertainties in X-ray Analysis: Effective Areas in Spectral Fitting 1102.4610
Ed Bertschinger Owen et al., Frame-Dragging Vortexes and Tidal Tendexes Attached to Colliding Black Holes: Visualizing the Curvature of Spacetime 1012.4869
6 May
Adam Anderson The IceCube Collaboration, A Search for a Diffuse Flux of Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos with the IceCube 40-String Detector 1104.5187
Sara Seager Raymond Pierrehumbert & Eric Gaidos, Hydrogen Greenhouse Planets Beyond the Habitable Zone 1105.0021