MKI Journal Club Schedule, Spring 2009

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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6 February
Ryan LangI. Berentzen et al., Binary black hole merger in galactic nuclei: Post-Newtonian simulations
Deepto ChakrabartyT. Guver et al., The Distance, Mass, and Radius of the Neutron Star in 4U 1608-52
13 February
Ben CainKnigge, Leigh and Stills, A binary origin for `blue stragglers' in globular clusters [arXiv]
Glenn AllenG. Morlino, E. Amato, and P. Blasi, Gamma ray emission from SNR RX J1713.7-3946 and the origin of galactic cosmic rays [arXiv]
20 February
Adrian LiuA. Avgoustidis, L. Verde, and R. Jimenez, Consistency among distance measurements: transparency, BAO scale and accelerated expansion
Elena GalloR. C. Reis, J. M. Miller, and A. C. Fabian, Thermal emission from the stellar-mass black hole binary XTE J1118+480 in the low/hard state
27 February
Phillip ZukinMark Dijkstra and Abraham Loeb, Explaining the Observed Lyman Alpha `Blobs' as Cold Streams of Gas in the Halos of Galaxies
Angelica de Oliveira-CostaA. Kogut et al., ARCADE 2 Observations of Galactic Radio Emission
6 March
Rebecca SobelD. C. Nguyen et al., Disk-Braking in Young Stars: Probing Rotation in Chamaeleon I and Taurus-Auriga
John BochanskiS. Portegies Zwart, The lost siblings of the Sun
13 March
Tamer ElkholyY. Fujita, N. Tawa, and K. Hayashida, High Metallicity of the X-Ray Gas Up to the Virial Radius of a Binary Cluster of Galaxies: Evidence of Galactic Superwinds at High-Redshift [arXiv]
Nitya KallivayalilM. J. Reid et al., Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: VI. Galactic Structure, Fundamental Parameters and Non-Circular Motions
20 March
Will FarrR. Schoedel, D. Merritt, and A. Eckart, The nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way: proper motions and mass
Scott HughesTodd A. Boroson and Tod R. Lauer, A Candidate Sub-Parsec Supermassive Binary Black Hole System [arXiv]
27 March
Spring Break: no journal club
3 April
Postdoc symposium: no journal club
10 April
Leslie RogersA. Gould et al., The Extreme Microlensing Event OGLE-2007-BLG-224: Terrestrial Parallax Observation of a Thick-Disk Brown Dwarf
John RichardsonK. C. Hsieh et al., A Re-interpretation of the STEREO/STE Observations and its Consequences [arXiv]
17 April
Jeremy LopezPierre Auger Collaboration, Upper limit on the cosmic-ray photon fraction at EeV energies from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Alessandra SilvestriA. Shafieloo, V. Sahni, and A. A. Starobinsky, Is cosmic acceleration slowing down?
24 April
Sarah TrowbridgeD. Patnaude and R. Fesen, Proper Motions and Brightness Variations of Nonthermal X-ray Filaments in the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant
Andrew WestJ. Johnson and K. Apps, On the Metal-Richness of M dwarfs with Planets
1 May
Thomas BeattyJ.-B. Le Bouquin et al., The spin-orbit alignment of the Fomalhaut planetary system probed by optical long baseline interferometry
Tali FigueroaO. Adriani et al., An anomalous positron abundance in cosmic rays with energies 1.5-100 GeV [arXiv]
8 May
Jeff BlackburneC. A. Collins et al., Early assembly of the most massive galaxies [arXiv]
Paul SchechterM. Barnabe et al., Two-dimensional kinematics of SLACS lenses: II. Combined lensing and dynamics analysis of early-type galaxies at z = 0.08 - 0.33
15 May
Aidan CrookD. Katsaros et al., The f Index: Quantifying the Impact of Coterminal Citations on Scientists' Ranking [PDF]
Li JiS. Giodini et al., Stellar and total baryon mass fractions in groups and clusters since redshift 1