MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research

MKI Journal Club Schedule, Spring 2007

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).

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9 February Rob Simcoe: Introduction
Deepto Chakrabarty: Kaaret et al., Evidence for 1122 Hz Burst Oscillations from the Neutron Star X-Ray Transient XTE J1739-285
Josh Winn: Ballester et al., The signature of hot hydrogen in the atmosphere of the extrasolar planet HD 209458b
16 February Leo Stein: Smullin et al., Constraints on Yukawa-Type Deviations from Newtonian Gravity at 20 Microns
Leslie Rogers: Valencia, Sasselov & O'Connell., Radius and Structure Models of the First Super-Earth Planet
Rob Simcoe: Stanway et al., Faint z ~ 6 Lya Line Emitters in the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field
23 February Ben Cain: Evrard et al., Virial Scaling of Massive Dark Matter Halos: Why Clusters Prefer a High Normalization Cosmology
Madhu Nikku: Kasen and Woosley, On the Origin of the Type Ia Supernova Width-Luminosity Relation
Jeroen Homan: McHardy et al., Active galactic nuclei as scaled-up Galactic black holes
2 March Robyn Sanderson: Strigari et al., Determining the nature of dark matter with astrometry
Will Farr: Baker, et al., Modeling Kicks from the Merger of Non-Precessing Black-Hole Binaries.
Ed Bertschinger: Chluba and Sunyaev, Induced two-photon decay of the 2s level and the rate of cosmological hydrogen recombination
9 March Lindy Blackburn: Dimmelmeier, et al., Generic Gravitational Wave Signals from the Collapse of Rotating Stellar Cores
Molly Swanson: Elgaroy and Multamaki, On using the CMB shift parameter in tests of models of dark energy
Eric Miller: Takei et al., Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium Associated with the Coma Cluster
16 March Tamer Elkholy: Kim and Croft, A potentially pure test of cosmic geometry: galaxy clusters and the real space Alcock-Paczynski test
Jared Markowitz: M. Volonteri, Gravitational Recoil: Signatures on the Massive Black Hole Population
23 March Jeff Blackburne: Poindexter et al., Mid-IR Observations and a Revised Time Delay for the Gravitational Lens System Quasar HE 1104-1805
Phil Zukin: Siegel, Hertzberg, and Fry, Probing Dark Matter Substructure with Pulsar Timing
David Kaplan
30 March Spring Break: no talks.
6 April Scott Hughes
Nicolas Smith
13 April Timothy Bodiya
Chris Williams
Tracey Delaney
20 April Adrian Liu: HongSheng Zhao, Timing and Lensing of the Colliding Bullet Clusters: barely enough time and gravity to accelerate the bullet.
Pranesh Sundararajan
Peter Ford
27 April Jinrong Lin: Van den Heuvel, Double Neutron Stars: Evidence for two different Neutron-Star formation mechanisms
Sarah Vigeland: Flambaum & Kozlov, Enhanced sensitivity to time-variation of m_p/m_e in the inversion spectrum of ammonia
Paul Schechter: S. White, Fundamentalist Physics: Why Dark Energy is Bad for Astronomy
4 May Dacheng Lin: Miniutti, et. al., Suzaku Observations of the Hard X-Ray Variability of MCG -6-30-15: the Effects of Strong Gravity around a Kerr Black Hole. PASJ, 59, 315 (2007).
Aidan Crook: Argon, et. al., Toward a New Geometric Distance to the Active Galaxy NGC4258: I. VLBI Monitoring of Water Maser Emission.
Al Levine: Trauger & Traub, A laboratory demonstration of the capability to image an Earth-like extrasolar planet
11 May Ian Duke: Wang, et. al., Is Modified Gravity Required by Observations? An Empirical Consistency Test of Dark Energy Models.
Joel Fridriksson
18 May Keisuke Goda
Chris Wipf
Rick Binzel: Porco et al, "Cassini Observes the Active South Pole of Enceladus,"